Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Final Blog Post

This past quarter I have been writing a blog for my English class. My blog described my life as a college student. Blogging is an experience that everyone can relate to in a certain way. Everybody feels different about this and that’s okay everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Blogging brings up a lot of political views, like is this the right information they are putting up, do they really know how to blog, ect. Blogging is great for commuting to one another. It helps people stay in touch with distant family and lets them know how their life is going.

I feel very good about blogging. I think it is a great way to keep in touch and it helps others express their feelings. This way they don’t have to express their feelings face to face if they are uncomfortable they can write a blog and get the same point across.

The purpose of blogging is to stay in touch with distance family, to express yourself in a way that you can’t in person, to relive stress about talking about it. Blogging is like keeping a diary except the whole world can see it. Many people have a hard time expressing themselves and sometimes are very shy. By blogging you can be someone else you can express yourself in ways people never thought you would.

Everyone reads blogs. I don’t think that just a certain group reads them everyone does. They are very interesting and you may find that you can relate to one another by reading there blog. The blog that I was writing for class was about being a college student and of course everyone in my class could relate to that because they were all college students also. Two other people were also writing about this and every week it was so easy for me to relate with them because I was going through the same exact thing. They might be blogging about the same thing you are or something similar that you can relate to because you find yourself going through the same thing. We also read them because we find them very interesting. We all learn something from reading blogs whether it maybe about something or someone, were still learning about them.

Blogs affect our culture in many ways. Many people are expressing their feelings through blogging instead of the old fashion way face to face. It changes the way people live. We meet many different people through blogging which we might be able to relate with in several ways. It has also changed are ideals also because we know we can just get on the computer and blog, then we are not worried about getting shut down or rejected because it’s not as bad as it would be in person. We express ourselves a lot more in ways that we wouldn’t if we were talking to a person.

Blogging has changed our lives in many ways we are now able to show our ideas and what we believe in and not be judged if you are doing this through a blog people may not know who you are so how can you judge if you don’t know the person behind the computer. It makes people feel better about themselves, they can say what they want and let us know what they are going through by not even letting us know who they are. I think that a lot of people can relate to each other through blogging and I think that it is a great thing.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Last week we had a guest blogger who wrote on are wall about are blog in their prespective. Having someone else write my blog didn’t really have an effect on me. My blog is about being a college student so of course any other college student could relate to my blog, because they are going through the same exact things that I am.

But also on the other hand writing a blog post for someone else I didn’t feel very comfortable about because some people write about more private experiences in life that I can’t necessarily relate to, im sure the reader felt the same way.

I think that everyone will have a different intake on this experience because everybody’s blogs are about something different. Some are more private then others and people feel different about their blog some people are more open and others don’t like the fact that somebody else is writing their blog.

By doing this blog we all got to know each other a little better and we got to see each other’s view on other people’s blogs. I didn’t mind doing this. I think that it was fun and different.

This is my last point for the year, so I hope that you guys enjoyed reading my post.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Guest Blogging Experiment.”

Wow, can you say what a relief, my classes are scheduled and a week closer to spring break. This pass week couldn’t have went by fast enough and now that I have my new schedule figured out, it’s a load off my shoulders. With all that in the dust, time too start making plans for spring break! Well, I still have time but no plans yet, Bob’s will probably make them for me. Until then, exams are right around the corner. Last quarter had me worried but winter quarter wasn't too bad. All my classes came easy to me, except Derek’s, but I’m not worried. That’s about it for my last week and I can’t wait till tis Saturday! I have a date with this guy I’ve been friends with for two years!!! He finally asked me out (guess the flirting finally paid off). That sums it up!