Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Guest Blogging Experiment.”

Wow, can you say what a relief, my classes are scheduled and a week closer to spring break. This pass week couldn’t have went by fast enough and now that I have my new schedule figured out, it’s a load off my shoulders. With all that in the dust, time too start making plans for spring break! Well, I still have time but no plans yet, Bob’s will probably make them for me. Until then, exams are right around the corner. Last quarter had me worried but winter quarter wasn't too bad. All my classes came easy to me, except Derek’s, but I’m not worried. That’s about it for my last week and I can’t wait till tis Saturday! I have a date with this guy I’ve been friends with for two years!!! He finally asked me out (guess the flirting finally paid off). That sums it up!



  1. I think this is heather. For some reason this sounds like her. Spring break is coming around the corner. I can't wait either. I really need this i can't wait.